About The Tourney

The Lika Laker Classic is a men's open money tournament organized by Alika Arisumi, and will be held on April 21 (tentatively) at the Alamogordo High School Tiger Pit. The tournament will secure a max of 10 teams for the 1st year and will feature elite players and teams from across the Southwest. The goal for the Lika Laker Classic is to bring a quality basketball tournament BACK to Alamogordo and will award prizes to the top 3 teams.

The Officials

The Lika Laker Classic will provide high quality officials who are both certified and experienced at the high school and collegiate levels, and all have a "State Eligible" rating with the NMAA. Understanding the level of play and competitiveness, each game will consist of a 3-man officiating crew. 

The Organizer

Game Format

The Lika Laker Classic will be a double elimination tournament consisting of two 20-minute halves with running clock. Game clock will stop at the 2-minute mark of the 2nd half during all dead balls and timeouts. Each team will be allotted 2 full timeouts per game. There will be a 15-point mercy rule in which the game clock will continue to run (except during timeouts). Game officials will use NCAA rules to officiate each game.

The Lika Laker Classic is organized by Alika Arisumi, who is no stranger to organizing and administrating sports leagues. Alika has organized the church and city leagues in Alamogordo since 2010, and has hosted dozens of tournaments over the years. He has also organized a competitive men's team that traveled to Omaha, NE to compete in exhibition games against NCCAA and NAIA college teams.

Alika is a former player who loves the game of basketball, and currently works as a basketball official with the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA). His goal is to take his officiating to the next level and aspires to referee NCAA men's basketball.

Tournament Rules

  • Each team is allowed a max of 10 players.

  • Teams MUST provide jerseys with numbers on either side (or both), and must have a contrasting color to their opponent (reversible jerseys are recommended).

  • Players may NOT wear any type/form of jewelry (to include rings, earrings, wristbands, necklaces, etc.)

  • Profanity is STRICTLY prohibited and will result in an automatic technical foul! Any players being ejected from a game for ANY reason will be disqualified from the tournament.

  • Game-time is forfeit time!! ALL games will start ON-TIME. Teams are encouraged to stretch and prepare on their own time. Pre-game warmups will be allowed ONLY if time permits. If games are running behind schedule, only a 2-minute intermission will be allotted.

The Proceeds

All proceeds in the first year of The Lika Laker Classic will go toward camp fees and traveling costs to help Alika get to his next level of officiating. For officials to move up to the college ranks, they must attend training and hiring camps to develop and improve their officiating craft in order to get noticed by college assignors. These camps along with travel and lodging get pricey.

But Alika's hope is that this tournament will turn into an annual thing, and that he'd be able to provide scholarships to student-athletes or others officials looking to further their careers.

Registration Deadline is April 15 at 9pm!

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