Ever since I genuinely accepted Jesus into my heart in 2005, I knew that very moment that there was something out there SO much bigger than myself. God led me to start a non-profit organization from basically nothing in 2007, and in just 3 years we saw God grow this ministry into a thriving community outreach! However, after accepting a full-time position at my local church in the beginning of 2015, the ministry dissolved just 3 months later as I did not have the capacity to continue leading it.

In the Summer of 2017, I felt strongly that God was calling me to something more. So I resigned from my leadership positions and felt called to plant a church. God had been stirring my heart to finish what He started through me over 10 years ago with this non-profit. It had become so heavy on my heart, and in so many instances I received confirmation after confirmation. Later that Fall, I started to run with it full speed, but adversity hit. And it was during that time that I faced some of the most trying times of my life. My entire world was turned upside down to the point where I felt like giving up. My faith was dwindling and darkness was falling ... but ONE thing remained. And that is God's faithfulness!

No matter how hard I tried to run from God's plan or even pull away from the church, I couldn't. I made every excuse in the book NOT to be obedient ... but because of who He is, I just couldn't escape it.


In June of 2018, I began writing a book to share my story with the hopes that God would use it to stir people's hearts to really listen to God and draw near to Him -- even if it seemed impossible. I titled the book Stupid Obedience: Choosing the Voice of God Over Others.


In a world that's full of opinion, the ONLY voice that matters is the voice of God! I can’t stress that enough. You see, often times when dealing with the pains and pressures of life, we open ourselves up to the opinions of others to help guide us through the storm. And though, it may be the very best intent of the person whose opinion you’re seeking, the only thing it leads to is confusion. Why? Because humans can only offer so much wisdom. We were all created with the same finite minds. And ONLY God can tell you what you’re supposed to do when it comes to His will.


But earlier this year, God told me not to publish the book. That's also when He gave me this vision of the STUPID OBEDIENCE TOUR. Because I wanted this message of hope to be raw and authentic, and it's hard to get that from words on a page. This summer, I will be setting out to share this message of hope wherever God leads. The STUPID OBEDIENCE TOUR will also be setting the stage for me to cast my vision of the church God has put on my heart to plant.

Please be praying with me and for me as I venture off on this journey. If you know of any churches or pastors who might be interested in being a host, I appreciate any connections. But seriously, most of all I covet your prayers!!

If you're a pastor/church leader and would like to host the STUPID OBEDIENCE TOUR, please follow the link and fill out the form. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in this fight for the gospel!! Blessings!!!

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