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Xcel Officiating Camp

Alika is excited to be running his first camp in 2019 in conjunction with the Alamogordo Tiger Girls' team camp on June 28-29.

This camp will be using 3-PERSON mechanics and will provide critical feedback by clinicians following each game. Xcel Officiating Camp will also be introducing innovative technology using ear pieces to provide on-court communication between clinicians and officials during live play! Classroom sessions will also take place during the camp and officials will receive camp credit by the NMOA as well as credit for the district clinic.

Our focus is to help officials grow comfortable and confident in their PCAs, play-calling and rotations using 3-person mechanics. We will also work on clean/crisp mechanics while reporting, communication, dealing with coaches & bench decorum, and how to break down film.

Games in the Tiger Pit will be recorded and film breakdown will take place immediately after each game. Officials are encouraged to bring USB drives or SD cards (minimum 16GB) if you'd like a copy of your game(s).

JUNE 28-29, 2019


  • Wilson Holland - NCAA D-I Men's Official
    Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, Big Sky

  • Rebecca Skoterro - NCAA D-II Women's Official
    RRAC, Lone Star, RMAC
  • Darren Jones - NCAA D-II Men's Official
    WJCAC, RRAC, American Southwest, Lone Star
  • Candace Aragon - Former NCAA D-II Women's Official
    Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
  • David Osuna - Northeast Regional Assignor
  • Alika Arisumi - NCAA D-II Men's Official
    WJCAC, RRAC, American Southwest, Lone Star

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